By Ankita Duseja, USFD

I have always wanted to a build a career in clinical research. When I received this opportunity with FIDELIO, I was extremely excited to embark on my new journey. But this also meant having to move to a new city, making new friends, adjusting to a new culture and many more questions crawled in my mind. Having had to move in the midst of a pandemic added to the challenges. However, I was determined to start as per plan and excited to call Sheffield my new home.

Moving away from home to study and work has been more of an exciting and life-changing experience for me and no doubt, has boosted my confidence. In my opinion, I don’t think there is a better way of challenging yourself to become stronger, more independent and self-confident. Each day is a new learning experience. It has brought me out of my comfort zone, made me accept new challenges, prove my capabilities, moulded my decision-making and taught me new skills. Another advantage is the opportunity to integrate into a new working environment, to exchange knowledge, to learn about new cultures and to make new friends.  Thankfully, not having to learn a new local language has made things very easy for me.

My move to Sheffield was a very smooth process thanks to my supportive team. My colleagues here, who are more like friends and family made sure I settled in comfortably. They are extremely friendly and big food enthusiasts just like me. We try and bake new desserts each time. Cheesecake, cookies and profiteroles were some of our latest experiments. I have also introduced them to Indian cuisine and they loved it. Together with Prof. Richard Eastell and the team I have been treated to frequent trips to the Peak District for lovely walks along the country side. I love Sheffield because of the greenery all around me. You can escape into the wilderness for long and lovely walks in minutes and never feel like you are within the city.

The lovely strawberry cheesecake I baked with my colleagues.

I look forward to performing great science with my team here in Sheffield, to learn about English culture and to create many more memories to cherish for the future.


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