Open positions

FIDELIO offers 14 PhD positions for next-generation bone and diabetes researchers. Each ESR will be enrolled in a PhD programme to study for a doctorate and will conduct her/his own individual research project. Interdisciplinary training and implementation of innovative approaches are the key. The training programme and experience of different international research environments with international leaders cuts across traditional data and life sciences silos.

ESR1: Investigating the role of Wnt signalling in type 2 diabetes induced bone disease

Host: TU Dresden, Germany

ESR2: Role of Dkk-1 in type 1 diabetes bone fragility (WP3.2)

Host: TU Dresden, Germany

ESR3: PhD student – Early Stage Researcher (ESR3) Investigating the role of different diet regimens on bone health and fracture risk in T2D

Host: Universita Campus Bio Medico di Roma, Italy

ESR4: Epidemiology of fragility fractures and diabetes

Host: Syddansk Universitet, Denmark

ESR5: Bioenergetics of human osteoblasts

Host: Syddansk Universitet, Denmark

ESR6: Development of diabetes-sensitive computational models of bone strength for the clinical diagnosis and pre-clinical tracking of diabetic bone fragility

Host: UKE Hamburg, Germany

ESR7: Investigating the role of osteocyte and mechanotransduction on bone fragility in type 2 diabetes

Host: Universite de Geneve, Switzerland

ESR8: Mechanoregulation of bone remodelling in type 2 diabetes using HRpQCT in vivo patient data

Host: ETH Zurich, Switzerland

ESR9: Role of microRNA in diabetic bone disease

Host: The University of Sheffield, United Kingdom

ESR10: Genetics and biologic pathways underlying fracture risk in type 2 diabetes

Host: Erasmus Universitair Medisch Centrum Rotterdam, Netherlands

ESR11: Metformin effects on the diabetic bone and the interaction with the gut microbiome

Host: Erasmus Universitair Medisch Centrum Rotterdam, Netherlands

ESR12: Bone matrix characterization and analysis of AGE accumulation in diabetic bone

Host: UKE Hamburg, Germany

ESR13: miR-203a functions as regulator of type-2 diabetic bone disease

Host: TamiRNA GmbH, Austria

ERS14: Exploring subgroups to inform personalized treatment strategies

Host: ETH Zuerich, Switzerland

How to apply

  • Motivational letter (one page max.), stating a) your reasons for wanting to become a part of FIDELIO and for applying for the specific position you chose, b) why you consider yourself to be a suitable candidate for this position
  • A detailed CV, including: date and place of birth, private address, previous countries of residence within the last 3 years, education and work experience, scientific and language skills, publications, any other relevant skills or activities as well as the name and contact details of up to three referees
  • Certificates of your BSc and/or MSc degrees (transcribed into English)
  • Certificates pertaining further skills relevant to the position you are applying for (e.g. animal experimentation training course, technical skills training, etc.)
  • An abstract of your Master thesis (If you are applying for a position in the UK and do not have a MSc degree, please provide an abstract of your Bachelor thesis)
  • English language certificate(s), if English is not your first language
  • Most recent school leaving certificate (e. g. university-entrance diploma, GCSE, Matura, vocational school degree, etc.)

End of call: 28 October 2019
Any applicant may apply for up to 2 positions. However, please apply separately for each.

Please also mind the specific requirements of each position/host.

Please check if your application is complete and upload it a single pdf file (not exceeding 12 MB) online: