Events, meetings, conferences and trainings

FIDELIO aims to train the next generation of scientists in order to tackle the challenges of diabetic bone disease from various angles and with the newest technologies available. Interdisciplinary training, intersectoral exchange and implementation of innovative approaches are the key. The training programme and experience of different international research environments cuts across traditional data and life sciences silos. The emphasis on translational research will support new collaborations between academics, the (bio)technology and health sector.


All ESRs will participate in network-wide meetings/events designed to complement the local research training of young researchers. These Meetings will be arranged so that each provides: courses on relevant research issues, presentation of the fellows‘ work and complementary skills/training.

Online Professional Development Programme


  • Effective working with supervisors, peers and collaborators (3rd March)
  • Collaboration masterclass (28th April)
  • Research leadership, creativity and innovation (30th June)
  • Public and patient engagement (14 February 2022 – at SDU, Odense)
  • Further mastery in research presentation (9 November 2022)

#6 Fundamentals of mechanical testing and computational modelling of bone

UKE, Hamburg, Germany

February 2022 (to be confirmed).

#7 Basics of RNA isolation using spin column-based extraction kits

Location: Qiagen, Hilden, Germany
Date: April 2022 (to be confirmed).

This 2 day workshop we will outline the complete workflow from samples collection, nucleic acid extraction as well as downstream analysis. During the workshop we will cover the necessity of stabilization, the right choice of the extraction method and the requirements for the downstream analysis. It will also include a practical approach for miRNA isolation and downstream analysis.

Scientific Writing Course

Location: SDU, Odense, Denmark
Date: 15-17 February, 2022

To be updated with further information.

Monthly Webinar Series

Each month, FIDELIO offers hour-long webinars on topics of key interest to mainly Fidelio ESRs in nonformal settings to expand the scope of knowledge of the programme.

FIDELIO webinars are open to all, with registration. To register, please send us a message through our contact form, including your email address and organisation, if applicable.


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WNT pathway and bone fragility in diabetes

Speaker: Nicola Napoli, Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma
Date: Thursday, 20 January 2021, 14:00 – 15:00 CET

Prof. Napoli will present new data on the topic.

Tips and Tricks when working with RNA

Speaker: Gabriele Christoffel, QIAGEN GmbH
Date: Thursday, 27 January 2021, 14:00 – 15:00 CET

This webinar will focus on the challenges when isolation RNA and how to improve sample disruption and homogenization. Not only the isolation of RNA needs to be considered but also samples collection, storage disruption and homogenization play an important role, because these steps can also interfere with RNA expression. Today I would like to give you inside into the diverse challenges of RNA isolation including  tips and tricks how to handle your RNA followed by an Q&A session to discuss all your questions.

Webinar Recordings

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Update on the role of Wnt signaling in diabetic bone disease

Speaker: Martina Rauner (TUD)
Date: July 2021

Cracking Bone: High-Resolution Imaging Meets Computational Mechanics

Speaker: Caitlyn Collins, ETH Zürich
Date: June 2021

A critical review of bone microstructure and fragility in diabetes

Speaker: Serge Ferrari (UNIGE)
Date: May 2021